Navigating this Brainforest

This blog is an experiment in thinking out loud in the Zettlekasten style.

The goal is to post my thoughts as they come, and update them as they germinate and grow. As ideas generate related ideas, I will link between them. You can start anywhere you’d like in this brainforest and navigate the relationships. Or you can read them in chronological order.

There are 6 categories:

If you’d like to follow along, you have a few options. On the home page, you’ll see RSS feed links for all posts, as well as RSS feeds for each category of post. That way, if you only want to see 🌳 or 🌲 posts, you can.

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Every post on this blog is a work in progress. Phrasing may be less than ideal, ideas may not yet be fully thought through. Thank you for watching me grow.