🛠️ poetry generator

As part of my work on 🛠️ Pathfinder, I’ve started exploring generated text art. This series of interactive artworks allows you to join me.

  • 🌰 concrete poetry pathfinder: Inspired by Layli Long Soldier’s Obligations 2, this artwork allows you to find your own path along a diamond-shaped poem of your choosing.
  • 🌰 random poetry generator: Set your own rules for how poetry should be structured. Experiment with the relationship between parts of speech to generate poetry as long as you’d like.
    • Upcoming features:
      • visualizing the parts of speech
      • allowing you to upload your own set of words
      • improving the default word list


30 Jun 2022: Previously, this page was the 🌰 random poetry generator. I’ve since changed it to a homepage for all my poetry generating projects.

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